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"So I guess this is where I'm supposed to introduce myself. I'm a Canadian male teaching ESL in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This will be my second stint teaching ESL, only this time I'll be teaching at a High School, using my actual teaching experience to use. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me - no question's too small. Take care, and enjoy the ride."

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  • I'm back....but hold that thought... Tuesday, January 23, 2007 |

    Well, after contemplating things over, I thought that I would include a little bit of an update on what things are happening, or most likely, not happening, in my world.
    Since I've been home, its been really good to NOT work. I think I was a little burnt out, especially with all the work I did leading up to me leaving, and all the emotion that came with me leaving, especially missing my best friends wedding, missing a Christmas with my 'second' family, and many other things. Some time at home has certainly recharged my batteries, and got me thinking about how much I miss being employed, and working for a living. Breaks are nice, but after a while, they get old, really fast. I was able to see my newest niece, and corrupt my nephew as well (that's her in the picture.)

    The drama surrounding my Education certificate from my province of Ontario continues. I firmly believe that they have the worst mailing system in the province; there's close to three important documents I was supposed to have received; I'm still presently waiting for them. Currently, I'm certified to teach ONE subject - not very marketable. Had I known, I could have taken online education classes while in Korea, and made myself more marketable. We'll see where that leads, but right now, my present employment consists of fixing multiple computers from friends and families; fun, but once they run out, I'm done.
    As for what I'm going to do...good question. I've presently applied to teach High school English in Gyeonggi, the province that surrounds Seoul (Seoul is its own province.) I've applied to be an Assistant English teacher at one of the 25 schools that are outside of the city. Being a certified High school teacher, I'm hoping to get a position at a school as close to Seoul as possible. Its interesting - they're advertising this as an English teacher - I don't remember seeing ESL all over the application; hopefully that might mean that I get to teach more English than just grammar and speaking. What I once stunk at so bad has now become my favourite subject to teach...who would have thought that would happen (certainly not my high school english teacher who helped me cheat so I could pass my Province regulated English test - (after I had failed the first two tries!!)
    So we'll have to see where I end up. Part of me wants to go back because I miss my friends (who I'm pretty sure will be too busy to see me now that I'm not working at the same place as they are) but the other part of me just wants to go back and teach; do something with my degree that I can't seem to do here...So stay tuned, and who knows, maybe i'll have to restart up the old updates if I get back to South Korea again....